Supersize vs Superskinny

4 years ago

I debated whether or not to make this post in health & beauty or entertainment since it is health related however I didn`t want to have my post removed if luuux thought otherwise. This is a television program after all. I would really recommend this TV show which I have just started watching called "suppersize vs superskinny" I think its really interesting and I have honestly learnt so much from it.

This program is based in the UK and each episode focuses on one supersized person and one superskinny person. They both then spend a week living with each other and swapping means ie the supersize person has to eat whatever the superskinny person would normally eat during the week and vice versa.

I like that the show isn`t mainly focused on losing/gaining weight rather teaching/learning from each other about their own eating/diet issues. Often the superskinny people are not there because they want to be skinny but rather have problems with their relationship with food due to their lifestyles etc

It has really changed my way of viewing foods. I know that being healthy doesnt mean cutting out certain groups of food or limiting yourself in anyway as a "Diet" would essentially do. This program is already a few seasons in and a lot can be watched on youtube which is really convenient. Definately check it out, just search "supersize vs superskinny" Goodluck!

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