Superman Costume with Red Cape, Lycra Spandex

5 years ago

A superhero`s costume helps make him or her recognizable to the general public. Costumes are often colorful to enhance the character`s visual appeal and frequently incorporate the superhero`s name and theme. For example, Daredevil resembles a red devil, Captain America`s costume echoes the American flag, Batman resembles a large bat, and Spider-Man`s costume features a spider web pattern. The convention of superheroes wearing masks and skintight unitards originated with Lee Falk`s comic strip hero The Phantom. Several superheroes such as the Phantom, Superman, Batman and Robin wear breeches over their unitard.

Superheroes who maintain a secret identity often wear a mask, ranging from the domino masks of Green Lantern and Ms. Marvel to the full-face masks of Spider-Man and Black Panther. While most superhero costumes merely hide the heros identity and present a recognizable image, parts of the costume (or the costume itself) have functional uses. It is a good idea to choose a superhero costume as your Halloween costume. You may also shop Superhero`s unitard.

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