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Here comes another game review by me! And this one should be familiar with EVERYONE! It`s the best selling Mario game in history! Super Mario 64! Released as the launch title for the Nintendo 64 in 1996, This game has you taking the role of everyone`s favorite plumber turned hero, Mario, as he discovers that Princess Peach and her castle has once again come under attack by the evil Bowser Koopa who has stolen all the castle`s magical stars and turned the castle`s paintings into many individual worlds!

The gameplay`s controls were VERY revolutionary back then. Instead of the usual side scrolling Mario that made the series famous in the 1st place, you now got to control Mario in any direction you wanted. He also came with brand new attacks along with his usual jump and smash attack and 3 different hats that allowed for 3 different kinds of play and attacks. The graphics were very pioneering for the day. This was the 1st ever Mario game that took place in a 3D landscape. This took gaming to a whole new level and radically changed the way we all viewed video games ever since. Sounds for the game were very well made and the sheer number of new sounds and sound effects nearly overwhelmed the average gamer for the day. So many new sounds and sound effects helped to immerse you in the game and made the game play a huge difference from the old 8/16/32 bit games that had come before it. Many of the songs on the sound track were revamped old classics but there were several new songs added to vastly expand the Mario song tracks. The new songs improved game play for many gamers of the day and many have called the Super Mario 64 soundtrack the best in gaming history. The story is the usual "Mario needs to save Princess Peach and her Kingdom from Bowser Koopa." The the sheer vastness of the game pushed the usual story to whole new levels. As Mario you must find all the magical stars Bowser Koopa has hidden through out the game. As he goes through the warped painting levels and gains more stars, he unlocks more and more of the worlds to explore, secrets to the castle, and gains more starts, eventually finding all 100 starts that were stolen by Bowser Koopa. In the game you must fight and defeat Bowser Koopa 3 times in order to "beat " the game. However this does not mean the game is over. IF you continue playing the game and gain all the stars you`ll eventually earn all 127 stars in the game, amazing Bowser Koopa at the end when he said he had missed some that even he didn`t know about.

All in all this is THE best Mario game you could ever play. Sure Mario Sunshine and Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 have way better graphics, but it was Super Mario 64 that started it all. My Brother and I, and I`m sure many of you here, have played DAY AND DAYS on this game. In fact I just started playing it again on the Nintendo 64 Emulator for PC (My OLD SM64 game wore out :<) and it feels really fun to play it again. I highly Highly HIGHLY recommend this game to ANY gamer in the world. If you`ve never played this game then you are MISSING OUT!!!! PLAY IT ALREADY!

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