Super late mini haul from the Gilroy Premium Outlets and Walmart!

4 years ago

Hey guys! So it has definitely been A WHILE since I last posted on LUUUX! I was pretty busy this summer since I took summer classes and right after that, I went to Las Vegas with my family so I didn`t have much time to make any posts. BUT! I have been taking lots of pictures that I knew I would post on LUUUX once I found the time. Now that I`ve finally been able to make a post, I`m starting with a haul from a LONG time ago...sometime in May I believe? I have a couple more hauls that are a bit more recent and I will be posting them soon. So this haul was from the Gilroy Premium Outlets and Walmart and I got a few things including:

1. MAC Viva Glam Lady Gaga lipgloss: This was from CCO (Cosmetics Company Outlet) and it was only about $10-$11. Unfortunately, I was unable to purchase this when it first came out so when I saw this at CCO I HAD to have it!

2. Armani Code Summer: This was actually a birthday gift from my mom. We saw this on sale at one of the stores that sold fragrances (I believe the store was called "Designer Fragrance and Cosmetics Outlet"?--Something along those lines). She knew how much I LOVED this scent so she was sweet enough to purchase it for me. I was so happy!

3. Garnier Nourishing Color Creme in "Medium Reddish Brown": I purchased this at Walmart for about $7. I was looking for a color just like the name of the shade: a medium reddish brown. Maybe because my hair wasn`t light enough, it wasn`t that close to the color on the box. Overall, I was content with the results, but I wished it showed up more red. I actually recently dyed my hair again and the hair dye I bought will be shown in a more recent haul which I hope to post soon!

So that`s my small haul! I`m really sorry that I rambled on a lot, but I just wanted to fully explain why I`m posting a haul from months ago. I hope you guys enjoy and thank you for reading! For more haul posts, feel free to add/follow me!

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