Super Fan Gone Wild! Toby Sheldon

3 years ago

Justin Bieber`s super fan Toby Sheldon spent OVER 100K in plastic surgery to look like Justin!
Sure, I take fashion and beauty from some of my favorite celebs but, this, this is out of control. This guy, Toby, got a series of cosmetic procedures over the past 5 years so he could be Justin`s twin. The surgery list includes Botox for his cheeks, and lips, hair transplant, eye-lid surgery, and even a smile surgery. The thought of a smile surgery makes me want to frown!
The hair implants alone cost more than 30K, that`s like more than my car!
The CREEPIEST part about all of this, is that Toby is 33 years old, that`s 14 years older than Justin. Why is a grown man trying his hardest to look like a teenager?
I totally get bringing a picture of a celeb to a hair-stylist but to a plastic surgeon?! Yeah, I`ll take a Selena Gomez face, and throw in a Miley Cyrus collar bone, go ahead! Umm, NO! This is wrong, and sick.
God gave you your body to love it and live it, not go change it with with nothing but FAKENESS.
The Bieber look-a-like is a singer, so he probably did it for attention but DUDE that is NOT the right kind of attention! I know everyone wants to be a little more like their idols, but this is getting way out of hand. I mean, take a voice lesson, contour with make up but do not replace real with fake.
BE YOURSELF, every other identity is already taken, including Justin Bieber`s!
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Justin Bieber Surgery Insane

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