SUPER delicious amp moist Carrot Cake!

5 years ago

I made a carrot cake for Easter (yes, I`m behind on posts!) and it was THE hit dessert at Easter! Little did everyone know who was eating it that it was a healthier alternative to a relatively VERY fatty, heavy and unhealthy dessert. After I was told it was the best carrot cake they`ve had I let them know that it was a healthier alternative. I went ahead and followed a recipe off a healthier recipe blog/website I`ve been gravitating towards recently. I had never tried it before the party so I admit I was a little hesitant because I wasn`t sure if it was going to be good. But I trusted my gut, frosted the cake, topped it with walnuts and off to the Easter celebration at my boyfriends aunt & uncles we went. Even though this is a healthier alternative, all the classic ingredients are still in there, carrots, eggs, cream cheese, walnuts, etc. Although there`s pineapple in it (which when eaten remind you of the raisins which you don`t realize are missing), there`s a little coconut in it giving it a bit more sweetness, there`s oil in it, there`s carrots. It`s a relatively VERY hearty cake and a very delicious one at that. It was one of the moistest carrot cakes I have ever eaten and that`s appreciated because even though I love carrot cake, nothing is worse than feeling like you`re gonna choke to death eating it. I will most certainly be making this again, it was such an easy recipe to follow, to bake up and to frost. Nobody has to know that it didn`t take a whole lot of time to make it NOR do they need to know it`s healthy.
If you are interested in the recipe, you can see it: [].
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