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4 years ago

I know iv`e said this in like every post but I just got back from a month in the Philippines for my cousins wedding. And I`m pretty sure almost everyone knows that it is super cheap over there. Clothes are like $5 each. OMG I KNOW RIGHT!!! :D haha but sadly these stuff isn`t cheap for people that live there :(

My cousin bought me and my other cousin this this little nail polish place in the middle of the shopping center. She goes there all the time because the lady that works there does amazing nail art for a cheap price. It only costs her 100pesos, which is only $2!! I was going to get mine done there but I never got the chance sadly :(

They sell more things than just nail polish and nail art. They also sell Accessories, make up, nail stickers, konad stamps, brushes, and much more..
They have soo many nail polishes, Me and my cousin was in heaven haha.. In the last week I asked my dad to take me there so I can stock up on nail polishes and I was hoping to get mine done as well but we didn`t have time..
Polishes there are around 40peos - 80pesos which is less then $2. Because they were brands that I didn`t know and because they were cheap as I was afraid that they would be bad quality, even though they had samples of every colour.

I tried them as soon as I got home (dads place) and found out that they were actually REALLY good quality. They don`t mark or smudge, don`t chip or peel easy, and they dried really quick.
But the only thing is that the ones I got from BK turned out darker than what they were on the sample. But I still liked the colour. And also I found out that the gold crackle doesn`t crack at all. So I don`t know how they got it to work on the sample. I tried letting the base colour COMPLETELY dry, didn`t work so I tried applying a thinner layer, still didn`t work. quite upsetting but I can always get a new one. :)
[[images are mine, they are what they look like with one coat on]]

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