Sunny Delight

5 years ago

Hello luuuxers im making this post to talk about the Sunny Delight drink.
So Sunny delight is a natural orange juice that tastes very well and its kind of cheap where i live.
The only thing bad on Sunny is that it haves alot of sugar in my opinion and it isb`t good for diabetes.

If you never tried this juice i recomend it because its really tasty and its really nice to have a cup of sunny at the breakfast.
The sunny here where i live its nearlly tree euros and when i go to the shopping i guet alot of boxes of this juice because my kids like it...
There are diferent packages of Sunny as you can see on the picture and i normally buy the small ones for picknikes and something like that :)


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Have you tried Sunny Delight yet?
Do you like it?

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