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Hey guys, so i want to share with you a new pair of glasses that i bought in February. I bought these designer Prada glasses from a website - i`ll link the website below in the source link. I normally purchase my glasses from the opticians so this is the first time that i have bought glasses online. The reasons why i didnt buy my glasses from the opticians is mainly down to laziness, and also because some opticians dont stock all designer brands and if they do, theyre way more expensive. The only downside to purchasing online is that you cant try the glasses physically on before deciding on a pair that you really like.

This website DOES give you the option to try the glasses on before you pay for them so what they do is they will send you out the pair with your prescription in them. But the only downside is having to send them back to them from your local Post Office confirming whether you like them or not; if you dont, then you would have to go through the hassle of doing that same process again and that, in my opinion, is too much hassle and waste of time.

Id initially bought a pair of Chanel glasses, very similar to these with the black frame, but they were slightly thicker as the frame was made out of plastic. Click on the link below to see the Chanel glasses that i previously ordered:-

They looked absolutely gorgeous on the website and they were gorgeous in person too but they were just too big for my frame of face as the size of them was too big - you can find out the size of the glasses by looking on the inside of one of the arms, click on the link below to see the Size Guide:-

I loved them so much as this was the first EVER Chanel item that i wouldve owned as it was authentic as it had the authenticity certificate and everything, but i just wish they had it in a smaller size. So after purchasing these glasses, i found that glasses that have plastic frames would look way too big on me even if it was the right size for me. Ive only ever worn glasses with a metal frame before so i decided to just stick with that. I looked at other brands but none of them appealed to me or were way out of my budget until i saw these Prada ones.

The ones i got were the Prada PR58LV in Black. This is one of the websites` `best sellers`, was in my budget range and was available in my size (49-14). The smallest in the Chanel was 51-16 which is why it was too big for me. So i sent the Chanel ones back with a letter saying that they were too big for me and wanted to exchange them for the Prada ones. I thought that they would refund me the difference as the total for the Prada glasses was cheaper than the Chanel glasses but i had to pay another £60 for new lenses to go in the Prada frames as they are a different size and shape completely, which is understandable i suppose. I did argue this at first but thats their policy so i went ahead with it in the end as at the end of the day, i still needed a new pair of glasses as i had been wearing my current ones for over 2 years.

So as soon as i received them, i was really excited and wasnt disappointed at all. Obviously the case and all that is not as chic as the Chanel one but i still like the glasses, after all im not going to wear the case am i?? LOL! I would highly recommend this website as they are not selling fake/replica designer glasses.

Anyway, thats my designer glasses story, hope you didnt find it too boring LOL ;)

<strong>Do any of you own a pair of designer glasses? Which brand do you have? Have you ever bought any designer glasses online? Please share your thoughts with me =)</strong>

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