Sunday`s Lunch: GreekLebanese Food

4 years ago

On Sunday, one of my best friends texted me in the morning asking if I wanted to go eat lunch and do a little bit of shopping with her.

We wanted to eat at <strong>Another Broken Egg</strong>. I`ve never been there before but I`ve heard a lot of raves about the place. It`s mainly located in the gulf states like Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Texas and Florida but there is one place in Burbank, California. Sadly we didn`t eat there though. was packed! There was a 45 minute wait and we got there at 11:30. I`m going to try to go there some time soon.

Since we didn`t feel like waiting we decided to go to <strong>Albasha`s Greek and Lebanese Restaurant</strong> which is only located in Louisiana. We didn`t have to wait there. The place wasn`t slow but it wasn`t busy either. We were seated immediately and our food came out quick.

I ordered the Combination plate which included chicken and gyros along with a side of rice, salad, hummus, and pita bread. It was a lot and I could not finish it so I took half of it to go. The food was delicious and worth the money. My favorite was the chicken! I usually order the Lebanese tea to go along with my food but this time I decided to get a mango juice. When my drink came out I noticed that it was in a bottle and the waitress poured it for me. I was thinking the drink was gonna be sweet because she also gave me a cup of wasn`t. It tasted exactly like a mango but in drink form. I was amazed and wanted to know what the brand was but I forgot to ask.

My friend also ordered just the chicken shwarma place as well as vegetarian grape leaves as an appetizer. I never tried it before, sadly I didn`t take a picture of it. It was a very peculiar taste. It`s hard for me to explain. It felt like it all the taste combine but very faint. It wasn`t sweet or salty, or sour. It kind of had the pickled feeling to me. It`s one of those dishes you have to try to know. It wasn`t bad, it`s an acquired taste I only ate one of the 4-5 they gave. Even though all the taste senses are faint the overall taste of the dish is strong and i could only handle one.

<strong>Do you like to eat greek/lebanese food? What is you favorite kind of food (chinese, vietnamese, italian, greek, japanese, etc)? What did you have for lunch</strong>

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