Sunday Dinner - Thanksgiving-esque meal

4 years ago

This was my Sunday dinner from two Sunday`s ago. My brother, sister-in-law, niece and teeny tiny nephew came over for dinner. Since we were making the meal, they brought the dessert over (a mocha chocolate cake), but I did not have any.

For the meal, it took on a rather Thanksgiving approach. We had a whole chicken breast thing in the freezer (it was a VERY large breast w/o a bone in it) so we baked that off in the oven. For sides we had a staple homemade mashed potatoes, cornbread stuffing (went the boxed route, had no time to make the real deal holyfield stuffing), peas and carrots, turkey gravy and jellied cranberry sauce (a must have for my brother and I).

Funny story about the dessert: my niece is 2, she`ll be 3 in July BUT she thinks any time you have a cake it`s a birthday and it`s HER birthday, nobody else. So she saw the cake, said it was her birthday, we said no and she said "YES! MY Birthday cake!" okay, whatever, sure. My brother jokingly said it was his birthday and she grabbed the cake so fast in a death grip hold -- we were very lucky the cake topper was still covering the cake OR she`d have been wearing it. I snapped a picture of her and she looks SO mad haha. She then looked at my boyfriend (whom she adores) and was like "Jesse, my birthday cake." and he said to her "Sure, happy un-birthday." and she said "What?" so he said "Happy un-birthday" and she beamed all "Thank you, Jesse!!!" haha I love her.

Do you like to have nice, family sit down Sunday dinners?

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