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4 years ago

This was what I had for dinner on Sunday, last Sunday. My parents have always been big on Sunday dinner growing up and that tradition has continued into adulthood, although having extravagant Sunday dinners don`t come every week as they used to. I would say they come about once or twice a month. Last week my mother had my brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew down, as well as my boyfriend and I. She made a typical Jamaican Sunday dinner and it was delicious. I haven`t had the three dishes she made in quite a while, so it definitely cured that itch. Our dinner consisted of:

<strong>Jerk Pork</strong> a pork roast, fat side down, which is rubbed in Jamaican jerk seasoning and roasted in the oven. I`m not sure how long she cooks it, but I know at first it`s covered with tinfoil and she removes the tinfoil to let it brown up more.

<strong>Rice & Peas</strong> is a classic dish -- the "peas" being beans -- you can swap out for either kidney or pigeon peas. The great thing with this rice is the beans are soaked overnight and boiled so the water takes on the color of the beans. You reserve the water after draining the beans and add in your raw rice, onion, creamed coconut, partially cooked beans and the water you need. You let it cook off on the stove until it`s completely cooked.

<strong>Stewed curry cabbage</strong> is my all-time FAVORITE dish! It`s cabbage, onion and carrots stewed down in a pan with some butter and water. It`s seasoned with pepper, Jamaican curry powder and a little bit of salt. It`s seriously amazeballs. I could literally eat this at every single meal for the rest of my life and NEVER get sick of it.

The only thing missing from this meal would be Jamaican dumplings.

Have you ever had Jamaican food?
Do you have Sunday dinners with your family?

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