Sun salutation and its benefits

5 years ago

Sun salutation or Surya Namashkar is originated from India. Although from the name you can easily assume that it must be done in the early morning at sunrise, but this yoga can be done anytime of the day. In the morning it gives you energy, stretches and relaxes your body. In the afternoon it gives you the boost that you get from coffee. At night, it can help you sleep better.

The sun salutation is 12 poses flow that may be used in beginning of many yoga classes to warm your body. This is just not a good warm up but can be good for overall workout. 12 poses done in a flow is kind of like a start and end at mountain pose, this makes one rep or round. You can do these poses 12 times continuously to see the benefits. Doing these everyday will result in a better overall body. If you do them quickly, moving from one position to another, you will get a weight loss and a cardio benefits. If you do them slowly by breathing properly you will get yoga and meditative affect as well as your respiratory benefits.

Now these are all good but here is the great benefits that you will receive without even realizing. It improves your skeletal system, flexibility, joints, balance, mind, better blood flow, cardiovascular, lungs, digestive system. Stimulates thyroid glands, ovaries and testes, endocrine gland, parathyroid, pituitary gland, adrenal gland. Relieves from tension and stress and calms your mind.

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