Sun, Moon, amp Stars

4 years ago

I titled this manicure the way I did because when I was young my mom had this beautiful bottle of perfume called Sun, Moon, & Stars. I looked it up and it is a Lagerfeld perfume. It isn`t very expensive at all, from what I can tell. But, I don`t even care... I have fond memories of it because I can remember my mom wearing it and I can also remember looking at the bottle sitting on a little mirrored tray on her dresser and thinking it was an absolutely beautiful bottle. I may have to track down a bottle of it for myself because of how much I enjoyed it when I was little. ANYWAY, I wanted to explain that because that is what this manicure instantly reminded me of....even though it is lace and a stars or suns. HAHA! (look up the perfume, it really is a lovely bottle). The stamps I used in this manicure were a bit finicky and it took me some getting used to how it acted to be happy with it. I didn`t remove the less than perfect stamping, though, because I didn`t have a top coat between the base polish and the stamps... so if I were to try and remove the stamps, it would have rubbed off some of the base, too. That was something I just didn`t want to bother with because even less than perfect I don`t think it looks all that bad.
TO CREATE THIS MANICURE: 1 coat of Sally Hansen Hard as Nails 2 coats of OPI Yoga-Ta Get This Blue Bundle Monster plate BM 323 with Pure Ice Silver Mercedes Bundle Monster plate BM 316 with Pure Ice Silver Mercedes 1 coat of Seche Vite I think this could have looked really nice if I had done a couple of things differently (which I may do in the next couple of days). The first being align all of the images the same across the nails. Perhaps the lace at an angle in the corner and the moon in the lower half opposite the lace. The next thing I think would be pretty is to put some scattered holographic glitter polish over the OPI Yoga-Ta Get This Blue polish. It would look like little stars in the distance around the moon. These are things I think I`m going to try when I recreate it a second time around. I do absolutely love the silver images against the deep blue base. Let me know what you think.
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