Summer Workout Ideas Part One

4 years ago

Hi guys ! Since we are starting to roll around to those beautiful months of summer I thought I would start a journal type thing where I would post ideas about great workouts that I find are helping me, yummy healthy recipes I have either tried or created myself and some great healthy tips that I find help me be healthy and ready for bikini season so here it goes! First I have found that losing weight and getting physically fit is a combination of a healthy meal plan (notice I did not say DIET and I`ll explain why later) and a reasonable workout schedule. I don`t like using the word diet, I find it places a dark cloud on the subject of losing weight, toning your body or just trying to maintain a healthy life style, which ever your case may be. For some reason when I think of diet, I think of a harsh and strict meal routine without any flavor but it doesn`t have to be that way. A healthy meal plan is all you need and it`s not hard ladies. It`s common sense that processed foods, junk food and soda is bad for you. So keep that out of reach (meaning don`t even bring it into your house, avoid the temptation!). Next is increase the foods you know are good for you, which again common sense; veggies, fruits, chicken, fish, try and stay away from red meat, and drink lots of water! That`s very important. Next carbs ! Oh how I love pasta! But for me it goes straight to my hips and since I know that I stay away from it, not permanently but I cut down my intake. You don`t need to punish or deprive yourself. Even the junk food, you can have some, once in a blue moon (very rarely) the most important thing is that you maintain healthy eating habits and on a special occasion you can have a little piece of chocolate cake. Follow the golden rule on a daily basis, eat your biggest meal in the morning and through out the day the meal portion size should decrease but make sure you do eat! No starvation! The next point is about exercise, for the past few months I have been going to the gym about 4 times a day and my workout plan consists of a lot of cardio and then one day I`ll work on my legs and the next one my arms but every day I do cardio for 45 minutes ( I know it`s a lot but I enjoy cardio... I`m weird like that) and my abs and if you go on and search for 8 min ab workout you can find some great ones! As for weights I don`t put a lot of weights or resistance I keep it down pretty low and just increase my repetition so I tone and don`t bulk up.
Here it is guys my first food and workout post, again this is just my idea of it and what I find works for me as a starting point, don`t hesitate search the internet for ideas I really enjoy, it gives great tips and ideas! I`ll post again with some recipes and more detailed workouts hopefully including some videos:)

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