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So I finally picked up the time to write you all about the products I use this summer to keep my skin polished and clear . Mostly all of the products were bought in Cyprus prior to me departure to my home country , excepting a few products of course .Anyway enough intro blabbering , here is the product smackdown :

1)Clean&Clear Deep Action Cream Wash
2)Clean&Clear Exfoliating Daily Wash
3) Garnier Essentials Refreshing Toning Water with Grape extract
4)The Body Shop Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream
5) The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream
6) The Body Shop Vitamin E Facial Oil
7)Clinique All About Eyes Rich eye cream
8)Oxyance chopstick
9) Balea hand and nail cream

The first products that I am going to talk about are the two Clean & Clear products , the cream wash and daily exfoliating gel that is . I have been using these products from the moment I arrived in Cyprus last year and while their prices are very reasonable ( between 7 -9 euros ) they perform quite well on my skin . I have to say that they don`t help me scare my pimples away but they make my face feel clean and soft every morning .

Garnier Essential Refreshing Toning Water

This product is an old favorite of mine which I use since the beginning of college .It`s exactly what it says it is , a refreshing toning water which helps tone your face and refresh it when needed . This product has been reformulated and repackaged by Garnier several times and it comes with a variety of extracts but it is nevertheless a reasonably priced good performing toner for people on a budget .

The Body Shop Vitamin E Range Products

It`s true that most skincare fanatics don`t really fancy the Vitamin E range from the body shop . The packaging is not really glitzy and the products are not something different from the ordinary . The Moisture Day cream is very light on the skin , moisturizes nicely in the summer but it can make you look very shinny if you apply too much . The nourishing night cream is a ticker consistency which always makes me apply more product than during the day often resulting in me having to buy a new one much faster . Overall , the best feature of these creams is that they are all lightweight on the skin and don`t cause any breakouts which is perfect for summer when my t-zone is rather oily .

I have to admit that I don`t use the facial oil daily , so this is a bit of a cheat . I use it on nights when I feel that my skin is drier that the normal , which does not happen very often . Nevertheless this is a nice lightweight facial oil , with a nice scent that is always a pleasure to apply when needed .

Clinique All About Eyes rich eye cream

I`m sure most of you have read several reviews on this eye cream already considering how popular it is . This eye cream is priced on the continent at around 32 euros and comes with a variety of claims ranging from deep hydration to the reducing of dark circles and the erasing of fine lines . I have been using this eye cream for a long time now and I did not really notice any change in my fine lines or dark circles . There are some people on youtube that claim that their fine lines and dark circles have been nearly fully reduced , but I find that this is simply not the case for me . It does however hydrate intensely but as I said , there is no change in my eye area . My dark circles are produced through oxidation ( I am one of those people that always have dark circles and always look tired ) and can only be removed through surgery so no hopes for that :)

The last two products are the Oxyance chopstick and Balea hand cream . Oxyance is a brand I never heard of before so I was a bit reluctant to buy this lip conditioner . I got it from a drugstore in my home country and it is not a simple lip conditioner it is actually a lip treatment and comes with a SPF of 10 . It smells of caramel and it actually treated my horribly chopped lips so thumbs up for that . The only downfall of this product is that the SPF is not enough , they should have put in an SPF of 15 as a minimum .

The Balea hand cream is an average hand cream which is not too greasy or to tick when applied . Balea is a German low cost company and can mainly be found in Douglas and DM stores there . It does not stand up to the Body Shop Vitamin E hand cream ( which is the best hand cream I tried up to this moment ) but it will do for the time being :)

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