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4 years ago

A few months ago my colleagues and I celebrated the success of a project we did by going to a restaurant called Oscar, restaurant I talked about in a previous post i wrote on Luuux (You can check it put, if you want:
To sum up, in that previous post i talked about what i ordered, a delicious Chicken Roll with cheese and mushrooms. However, This current post will be about the dish that good colleague of mine ordered, more precisely a Summer Salad. Im not sure if you can clearly see what are the ingredients this sallad is made of, but i will try to list them up. So that Summer Salad contains the following: green peppers, red peppers, onions, olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, 2 boiled eggs and last but not least, cottage cheese.
Even tough im a junk food fan, i must admit this salad looks great. And its healthy. I hadnt tasted it, but from what my friend told me, i understood it was pretty good. Having a healthy diet does not mean that youre adopting a food regimen, but is a way to improve your health. Regular consumption of a balanced diet, low in saturated fat and rich in whole grains, fruits, vegetables and good fats (such as olive oil) will reduce the risk of certain diseases.
The consumption of diversified and nutritious salads is good to eat especially during hot summer time, as they are a light meal, refreshing and very popular; they are also welcomee in the winter time due to their intake of vitamins and minerals.
I recommend this to everyone who wants to improve their health.
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