Summer Favorites (Hair Products)

5 years ago

Hey everyone so this is going to be the first blog post in my Summer Faves Series. I`m going to talk about my favorite hair products for the summertime. Some of these products are newly discovered, others are products I swear by and have used for many years.

Here, I will specifically be covering my favorite hair products. Since I have curly hair and get keratin treatments 2-4 times a year, I dont want anything heavy or harsh on my hair. I don`t straighten or blow dry my hair much at all in the summer; I typically go for a natural wavy look, with as little product usage as possible. So here are some products I suggest for you guys!

1- pureSHINE Suddenly Straight Serum
Okay so this product is one of the best smoothing serums I have ever used. Many of these products such as biosilk tend to leave an oily residue on your hands, and cause your hair to look oily and greasy if you use any more than a dime sized amount. This product has done wonders for me; it tames my frizz, keeps my hair looking fresh (even if I apply it to flyaways by the roots), and doesn`t put too much product in my hair. I use it right after I shower and then again when I`m done styling my hair. Another good thing about this product is that it comes in an 8 oz bottle with a pump, and can be found at drugstores, so its also really affordable.

2- Suave Max Hold Volumizing Mousse
This is a long time favorite of mine; its the only mousse I will ever use. It is so affordable and really does the job of styling my hair with no weigh down. I use this when my hair is damp, and I scrunch it to get natural waves during the summer. Since I do get the keratin, my hair stays with no curls, more half curly have straight inconsistent waves throughout my hair. This mousse is also great for keratin hair because as you may or may not know, the keratin is a relaxer, meaning it takes all the volume out of your hair. My hair has never had problems with volume, but when I use this mousse it definitely gives an amazing boost to my roots, which is nice for summer :) Lastly, it holds my hair all day with less frizz, and doesnt give it a crunchy texture AT ALL; my hair feels as soft as if I didn`t put any product in it.

3- Garnier Fructis Length and Strength Conditioner
First off, the scent of this is so addicting. Anyone who has tried a garnier product knows their signature scent; clean, fresh, and fruity which is great for spring and summer. I have long hair- its to my lower back- so I struggle to find a frizz fighting conditioner that keeps my ends healthy and hair soft, yet without weighing down my hair. This conditioner is absolutely amazing! I have nothing bad to say about it. Please go try this out if you have long hair or youre just in the market for a good scenting shampoo :)

4- A conair plastic comb
This one is a product that I think is the key to managing curly hair. Everyone laughs at me when they see me pull out a little conair plastic brush after a shower, but its the best comb I`ve found to manage tangled curly hair. They come with another wide tooth plastic comb in a set you can find just about anywhere. It`s such an inexpensive product, but I promise its so important. I use it to comb out my damp hair, and it doesn`t cause much hair damage at all, and combs right through the knots easily. All with curly hair should try this product out!

5- This last product is sooooo essential at the BEACH. One thing I hate about going to the beach is all of the gross water damage you get from the salty ocean. I already have curly, easily knotted hair, so the ocean water makes it practically impossible to manage. But, the Victoria`s Secret Detangler makes it soooo easy to comb out, and gives my hair this sexy, clean scent to it. It`s an amazing product for only 12 dollars for;please go check it out.

Thank you for reading! I hope this blog helped you guys to decide on which hair products you want to try out for summer :) Please comment feedback and requests for more blogs below.
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