Summer Cool Down Treats!

4 years ago

Summer might be over soon, but hey you never know maybe a hot day will appear during the schools in September.

Here I have 3 treats that kept me cool during the summer! Now writing this I just noticed I should have picked up an Icee today lol.

But anyways here are the 3 treats!:
1. ICEE/Slurpee. Actually ICEE is more like it in this case! There was a hot hot day where I live and my dad was like its hot, I need a cold drink lets get ICEE at Cheveron and then go home. I was up for it, only because IT WAS .99CENTS! You cannot pass that deal up for a 32oz as well! Deal! I think its still around but not sure I should have gotten it today lol. I know the 7/11 deal free slurpee, but I missed that, and I havent picked on up this summer.
2.Homemade Ice Cream Sandwich! We had the Breyers Ice cream, the best Ice Cream because its easy to scoop up lol. But there was a time my dad and I wanted ice cream and he always makes it into a sandwich and from that day I wanted to make it too. Not bad and easier to eat lol. The ice cream was like $2.00 a small tub I guess thats the size lol. Bread like .99cents.
3. Last but not least .... FROZEN YOGURT! When you best friend comes along for that week you get cravings, mine was froyo! I wanted something tart, but I saw the 3 flavors I wanted, and the one in the picture is recent thats what I am talking about lol. I went to Yogurtland the closest Froyo to me, and its only .38cents an oz. I wish it was .32 an oz like it did when it opened. But anyways here is what I got: Frozen strawberry lemonade sorbet (I been craving sorbet when my best friend came along), Cheesecake, and the flavor that came back Kona Coffee! With cheesecake bites, cookie dough, the 3 different types of boba, strawberry, mango(?), and lychee, and the last one the white chocolate chips I love munching on chico chips lol. My parents got one too, total was around 9 dollars.

Thanks for reading!

What do you think? What are you summer cool downs?
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