Sugar cane juice

4 years ago

We were eating at this Asian restaurant with my grandpa, and my mom asked us what we wanted to drink. My sister was going to get coconut juice, and I was going to get this drink with like 3 flavors in it, but my mom said that we should get sugar cane juice. I was a little weary about it because I am not the biggest fan of sugar cane juice. I had some when I was younger because my backyard in California grew sugar cane and my mom would cut them down so we can suck up the juices.

So when I took a sip of my sugar cane juice, I realized how sweet it was! It was like they added a bunch of sugar to my drink! I cannot tolerate overly sweet drinks. Too much for me. So I drank like an inch off my cup and asked my mom to finish it for me. My sister said that her`s wasn`t as sweet as mine.

I`m not sure if I would every buy another sugar cane juice. They aren`t disgusting, but just a little too sweet for me. I would buy another one if I didn`t crave any other drinks at the time.

Have you ever had sugar cane juice?

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