Suddenly Allergic to EOS Lipbalms??

2 years ago

I have been using EOS lipbalms for the past five years. I`ve finished too many to count and have tried just about every flavor (even the rare vanilla bean one that came in the stick shape!). Which is why I write this post with a somewhat heavy heart... when you have to give up something you love, it`s difficult. I`m pretty sure I have to give up EOS lipbalms. Why? Because I became suddenly allergic.

The past month, my lips have been dry. Very dry. Actually, very, VERY dry. I`m not just talking your average winter-dry or even summer-dry lips. I`m talking sandpaper-like flaking and burning and reapplying lipbalm literally every five minutes dry. It got to the point where my lips looked like dry glue was caked on them - that`s how dry and flaky they were! Never in my entire life has this happened to me. Ever. So needless to say, I was very confused.

At first, I thought it might just be the changing weather. This is my first time experiencing `season changes` in Florida (basically it just goes from hot to really hot and humid, lol) so I figured maybe my lips were just reacting to it. I`ve heard other people get dry skin in Florida frequently, so maybe I was experiencing something similar? When this didn`t let up after over three weeks, though, I knew something else was the cause.

I tried to think of my everyday routine - the food I was eating, the detergent and soaps I was using, the times and reasons why I might bring my hands to my lips or face. Nothing was out of the ordinary or different than what I normally do. This is when I started to get concerned. Then, I took to the internet.

Going to the internet with health problems is probably the worst thing you can ever do (end result: you`re dying. ALWAYS) but I really wanted to find more causes for insanely dry lips. Many of the causes I found were already things I had eliminated - climate, food, chemicals in products, etc. Then, it suddenly struck me that perhaps that cause of my dry lips was the exact thing I was putting on my lips to *prevent* the dry lips in the first place - my EOS lipbalm.

After some research, I found A TON of people who had experienced the very same thing as me. They had used EOS for long periods of time before without problems, then BAM, insanely dry lips with seemingly no cause. The conclusion most of these people I read about reached is that they were suddenly allergic to EOS for some reason. I decided to right then and there eliminate EOS lipbalms from my life and switch to regular Chapstick.

Immediately, my lips felt 100% better. They didn`t feel dry and flaky and the regular Chapstick truly soothed them. I threw out my open EOS lipbalms and bought some more Chapstick. It was truly amazing how just a switch in lipbalm cured my insanely dried lips like that. I guess I must have suddenly become allergic to EOS... but I don`t really know why. It was almost like an overnight thing and, after using EOS for five years already, I can`t fathom why it suddenly happened. In any case, I am very glad my lips are back to normal now!

I think in a couple months, I might try another EOS (I have a few unopened ones sitting in my makeup stash) just to test it. In the meantime, I`ll be sticking to my good ol` Chapstick (which kind of makes me sad, lol).

Has anything like this ever happened to you? Let me know!

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