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Does anyone here on Luuux watch this ABC show? I love it because it`s not your typical high school themed show.
It`s about a girl, Tessa, who moves out from New York after her father found some birth control in her bedroom. Tessa and her father move to Chatswin, a middle upper class town.
Tessa`s neighborhood is full of shallow, crazy people and she finds it hard to fit in, because pretty much everybody at her school is rich and has very high self-esteem.
My favorite character of the show is probably Dalia Royce, one of Tessa`s neighbours, because she is very stupid but hilarious.
This show reminds me a bit of the movie Mean Girls, so if you liked that movie, you`ll probably like this, too!

<em>Do you watch this show? If so, who is your favorite character?</em>

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