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5 years ago

Heyy luuuxers! So I just went to this new place called Sub zero. It`s a new ice cream/frozen yogurt place. Basically you get to create your ice cream by choosing certain things, and then the workers making it right in front of you.
1) So first, you choose a base. It can be premium, yogurt, nonfat, etc. I chose premium because it was the creamiest.
2) Then you choose your size. Small, Medium or Large. I chose small.
3) Then you choose your flavor, there was sOOooo many flavors to choose from! I couldn`t decide between blueberry, black raspberry, eggnog or pumpkin! There was also a list of already mixed flavors if you wanted to choose that instead. So I went with one of those called Fruity Fusion. The mix was raspberry and blueberry flavor with mixed berries.
4) If you didn`t choose an already mixed one, you would choose your fillings next. There were different candies, chocolate chips, berries, etc!
5) Last but not least, you`d see your ice cream/frozen yogurt really be created with the nitrogen! Which was pretty cool, especially for younger kids to watch. You had a choice of different textures/how frozen you wanted it. There was Brain Freeze and Numb Tongue. Brain Freeze was the highest. I chose that one. It made like a dippin` dots texture. Numb Tongue was more of a creamy texture.

Overall, it was a pretty cool experience being able to choose everything out on your own, and see them make your ice cream/yogurt from scratch. The end result of the ice cream flavor, wasn`t that impressive. They used a syrup to flavor it, which just tasted so artificial. It was a bit too sweet for my taste. The atmosphere was nice though, and was something different.

It reminds me a little of Coldstone since they mix in flavors and toppings in front of you, but there`s much more to Sub Zero.
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