Suarez against Evra

5 years ago

The repercussions of the controversy related to the case of racism starring Luis Suarez and Patrice Evra now reaching beyond football. On Saturday, Uruguay refused to greet the French duel between Manchester United and Liverpool, and the main sponsor of the `reds` decided to intervene.
The gesture, or lack thereof, led to a match with spirits strengthened both in pitch and in the stands. The whistles that fans directed the Suarez were accompanied by the intensity that Evra had adopted increasingly discussing a move with the Uruguayan international.
At the meeting followed the reactions of the coaches, where Kenny Dalglish, Liverpool manager, who expressed their support for Suarez at the press conference that followed the departure. Something that only helped to raise controversy and litigation surrounding the decision of Suarez.
But on Sunday came the apologies. First it was Dalglish, stating the Daily Mail that "had not behaved the way a coach should represent Liverpool `and, later, Suarez was to express their laments:" I realized that I acted badly. Not only disappoint the coach, but also the club and everything it represents. I should have greeted Patrice Evra `.
The apology addressed by Suarez and Dalglish did not prevent, however, that Standard Chartered, the club`s main sponsor, to manifest their discontent regarding the recent controversy in which the club was involved.
In a statement, quoted by the Daily Telegraph, the company revealed that it is "very disappointed with the incident Saturday and discussed their concerns with the club."
The words may be considered as an acknowledgment of the company that in 2009, signed a four-year contract worth 95 million euros with Liverpool, and now the name that appears in front of the shirts of the club.
The signal given by the American company shows the proportions that the case has taken this week-end, something that the `reds` if they want to want to soften the image prevent most of the English club won the Champions League - five - not impaired exit of a dispute, it seems, is no longer personal, between Luis Suarez and Patrice Evra.

With this, who think they`re right?

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