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After what seemed like the worst winter EVER with storm after storm hitting everywhere from New York to Texas, FINALLY amazing weather is on it`s way! Out with below zero temperatures and in with 65 degree weather and sunshine! What I love most about spring is that it is warm enough so we don`t have to wear 18 layers and cool enough so that we aren`t dying of heat.
On a trip to Los Angeles, I saw a girl wearing an outfit similar to this one and ever since I have been waiting until I can get my hands on a cute hot pink blazer like this one! A combination of feminine (pink, tailored, fitted) and masculine (Chuck Taylors, fedora and studs) this outfit could be very easily duplicated. I`m a firm believer in not showing everything your momma gave you all at one time. If your cleavage/shoulders/back is out, cover your legs; if you have on a mini skirt, cover everything above the waist. If you`re on the go running errands or running to class and yoga pants aren`t your idea of a legitimate outfit to be seen out in public in.. this is! It`s classy and chic while not being all pearls and frills.
The staple piece of this outfit is the pink blazer. I love a good blazer, and although all but two of my eight blazers are not black, I need to find a pink one! It`s so cute and most definitely adds a certain pop to the outfit. Why is this outfit so LA? Everyone in LA claims to be someone, while attempting to be as carefree and individualistic as each wave that crashes on the beach. The blazer is professional but the pink makes it not as stuffy as a typical black blazer. The Chucks`, cut off blue jean shorts, and t-shirt are just simple pieces that manage to make the outfit look carefree.. The oversized sunglass are to shield your precious eyes from the sun (and all the paparazzi, of course)! Add a fedora and a few bracelets and a necklace to enhance the chill look, and a cute tote bag.. because well, who doesn`t love a tote bag to tote your entire life in?! I don`t claim to be a connoisseur of fashion in LA, but the few times I`ve been there a lot of the people I have seen all manage to look important and laid back at the same time and to me, that is what this outfit is.

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