Stupidest amp Weirdest BagsClutches Ever Made

5 years ago

Hey luuuxers! E:
So, I was looking around the web, when I came across these two pictures. Apparently, they`re bags and clutches that have shapes of guns, knives, and hand-cuffs encarved in them. Honestly, these are the most hideous, stupidest bags I have ever seen. I mean, unless you`re like a police or something you might like these bags/clutches, but if you happen to be an everyday normal person, then this bag is definitely not the THING. I mean the concept and the purpose of it is pretty cute and funny, but really, by the appearance I`m pretty sure if you walked around wearing this bag in public, people will mock you or look at you and laugh. Not to sound like a big critic or anything, but that`s just my opinion. I`m pretty sure there`s other bags in the world that look just as stupid, hideous, and weird as these, but I never saw bags these weird. LOL. But, what`s more surprising is the price of the bags/clutches. The prices range from $218-$404. Can you believe that? $218-$404! I honestly thought these bags would be like what $10 at most? But I guess my opinions are just completely different as others.
So guys, what do you think about these bags/clutches? I`m rather very interested to see your opinions, so be sure to leave a comment down below. Thanks for reading! o3o

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