Stunning Lights That That Can Make A Room!

5 years ago

Living Rooms, Lounge Rooms, Bedrooms, Kitchens, every single room in an everyday house has lights right? But why have normal everday lights when you can go for something that also suits the theme of your room and adds to it! Maybe even be the main decor item in the room itself!

<em> I love lights, my dad being an electrian and all I have seen some beautiful lights, and I have always lov Chandeliers. But I also adore latern lights. And the thing is with electricity prices and all you can find power saving bulbs for an affordable price while looking flash!</em>

<strong> Picture One</strong>
This certain one is such a beautiful white one, it reminds me of a antler type design, like on a deer? It has several little lights on the branches, and is a very modern yet mystical type effect. It works great with a modern house or even a nusery, or a little girls room with a fairy theme! I would love a peice like this!

<strong> Picture Two</strong>
These ones a little bit unique, it has the standard long neck and open light, but it sits much more lower and looks as if you could move it around with the metal coil, so if you were a more artsy person or record videos this would be good! I would like one maybe in my study or something, but it`s a very modern look, and couldn`t be used in a vintage theme or anything.

<strong> Picture Three</strong>
This one is the beautiful chandlier type one in the back over the dining room table, I love a beautiful lamp over a dining room table, it adds so much more to the room! This one is as if there are two descending levels, and looks quite elegant.

<strong> Picture Four</strong>
This one is like a glassy type light, I love how it sits in the kitchen, and it`s a very open room. It could be done wrong and look terrible and cluttered, but in a modern space this low light looks very classy.

<strong> Picture Five</strong>
This reminds me of a beautiful little kitchen in England, don`t ask why. This one has a rustic bronze with a chandiler pattern through it with beautiful candle desings. I love this, it`s very becautiful and could look great in a hallway! And this kitchen!

<strong> Picture Six</strong>
This particular one has a very rustic feel to it, and would look amazing in most netural rooms! The lights look amazing and the design is beautiful.

<strong> Picture Seven</strong>
This is the most modern out of all of them, this is very sleek and metal and such and is very effective, looks great in basically any room, very versitile.

<em> I love lamps, and when I`m older I am going to do a lot of DIY light projects!</em>

<strong> Which one is your favoutire? </strong>

<strong> Photos are not mine, source link below</strong>

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