Stuffed Cabbage Casserole

5 years ago

Growing up my mother ALWAYS made stuffed cabbage (aka golumpki if youre Polish!). She mastered my grandmothers recipe and whenever she makes them, EVERYONE in the family wants some. I can make them, but the process is time consuming so I dont really unless she asks me to help her make them. When my boyfriend and I had gone into Boston, I purchased an extra large head of cabbage for $1 at the fruit market. I wasnt entirely sure what I wanted to make with it, I was going between Jamaican stewed cabbage or stuffed cabbage. I then recalled seeing a recipe for and decided to use that as my inspiration to recreate my grandmothers simple Polish stuffed cabbage recipe! I put 2 cups of rice into my rice cooker and put it up, letting it do its own thing. I love my rice cooker! I took my large head of cabbage, cleaned off the outside leaves and began cutting it up, disposing of the core once I got to it (yes this head of cabbage was GIGANTIC). I set them aside in bowls and when I cooked it, I put 2 teaspoons of olive oil in a pan, put in all my cabbage and added in 1/3 cup water and covered it, stirring occasionally until the cabbage was half-cooked. I then turned off the flame and set it aside. I cut up a medium onion, added it to a frying pan and put in my 1 ¼ pounds 93% lean ground hamburger into the pan and fried it up until done. While cooking I seasoned the meat with fresh ground pepper and sea salt. When done, I drained the meat in a strainer and set into a large bowl. I then added in 2 cups of cooked white rice, mixing it together. I then opened a can of organic diced tomatoes and put 1/3 of the can inside the mixture and mixed. I took out a large lasagna pan, sprayed the bottom with Pam, then layered in some cabbage until the bottom was completely covered. I added in my meat and rice mixture, evenly spreading out so all cabbage was covered. I then took the remaining cabbage and layered that over the top. I then went and sprinkled some sea salt, black pepper and Italian seasoning over the top then topped the entire thing with the remaining diced tomatoes, that I crushed in my hands while sprinkling over the top. I covered the entire pan tightly with foil and put into 350F degree oven and baked for 40 minutes. I then removed the pan from the oven, removed the foil and baked off for another 15 minutes for the cabbage to brown a bit. Overall, this was FABULOUS and tasted JUST like my mother and grandmothers stuffed cabbage recipe. The only difference was it wasnt rolled up. I always eat my stuffed cabbages with ketchup, so I topped my plate of casserole with ketchup and I was good to go!
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