Study snacks - veggies and Ms. Vickie`s Salt and Vinegar chips

5 years ago

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Hey everyone! It`s been a while! I`ve been so busy with my studies, that I have been MIA for the past few months.
I finished my finals on Saturday, but I was off doing my own thing for the past couple days. And I got all 4 of my wisdom teeth out this morning, and so I`m going to be relaxing for the next couple days. So why not post all the snacks and such I`ve compiled over the past couple of months?

I have been trying to create a pact with my friend, to get a fresh face/acne less face, etc for the summer.
I was craving for something crunchy for a while, and decided on veggies. They`re healthy after all. Though I really wanted chips too, so I went with those also.
I figured, I`m eating veggies, so that evens out the unhealthy chips, right? And the ranch dip was light too, so even better?

I`ve definitely been drinking a lot of water, which helps.
They were really good! But I`m going to try and buy veggies on my own and cut them up, cause they are so darn expensive at the school!

Ms. Vickie`s chips are always good. No complaints with that.

What do you guys like to eat when you`re studying? Or just snacks in general. Any favourites?


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