Study indicates that the Internet will be the fifth largest economy in 2016

5 years ago

A study of American multinational Boston Consulting Group estimates that by 2016, the economy will have a value on the Internet that put her in fifth place at a table with the economies of the G20.

Ahead of the Internet will be the U.S., China, Japan and India and immediately find yourself back to Germany.

Analysing only the online economy of the G20 countries (of which Portugal is not a part), the Boston Consulting Group predicts that the Internet move 4.2 billion dollars (about 3.2 billion euros). Worldwide, there will then three billion surfers.

The study shows that the G20 digital economies grow an average of 17.8% by 2016, a rise led by developing countries such as Argentina (24.3%) and India (23%). The document notes that developing countries that are part of the G20 "already has 800 million Internet users, more than all developed countries."

The report also highlights the importance of social networks - to reach an estimated four out of five users, both developed countries and developing - and mobile devices, which in 2016 will account for 80% of broadband connections.

The study analyzes the digital economy of individual countries of the G20 and also the EU economy. In retail, online sales in the EU in four years represent 10.8% of the total, almost double the 5.7% recorded in 2010. The UK is by far the country with most online businesses.

According to the report (which compiles data from various sources, including the OECD and other analyst firms), online ad spending in the European Union in 2010 was around 20 billion dollars, equivalent to 19.1% of the total, just behind the television (33.3%) and newspapers (23.9%). Should grow in 2016 to 34 billion, which represent 27.1% of total investment.

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