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Hi everyone! So I went to Walgreens last week and passed by the traveling isle section in hopes of finding a moisturizer to test out before investing on a bigger size one. Im a simple girl who happens to like simplicity. I just cant stand routine, especially when Im on the go. I like things plain and simple, which I believe is why these towelettes caught my attention.

It appears that the studio 35 brand is only sold at Walgreens. I searched the brand through Google and only found one other website that sells the brand as well, Other than that, there is not much that I can say about this brand. But lets continue

These are the travel size and are handy to keep in your purse. Walgreen does provide a bigger packaging. The picture above shows what the packaging looks like.

Lets talk about the ingredients:

Water Well thats good!

Hexylene Glycol Hmmm this is an ingredient that brings much concern as its a preservative and solvent that may cause irritation in some skin types.

Glycerin This is a pretty cool ingredient that will keep your skin moisturized.

Bisabolol This ingredient will help your skins healing process as well as giving it soothing feel.

Tocopheryl Acetate Antioxidant, conditioning agent, a form of Vitamin E! Say what!? This ingredient has become my bff.

Panthenol This ingredient prevents your skin from drying up.

Sodium Lauroamphoacetate Foaming and cleansing agent, huh. I like. Tolerated by all skin types, I like it even more.

Benzyl Alcohol A preservative... Good if the manufacturers are using the natural stuff that is found in natures plants. But very harmful if they are using and/or making the synthetic versions.

PEG 40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil We all like it when our products smell good. Well this ingredient does the job.

Butylene Glycol Works as a humectant meaning it will take moisture from the air and retain it, which will cause the product to last longer.

The rest of the ingredients are pretty basic. There are some ingredients like Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract and Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract but who knows how much of it the manufacturer actually put into the product.

Anywho, enough of these ingredients, lets talk about the wipes!

I think these are okay as far as the hydrating and moisturizing goes (well maybe a little). After wiping my face with these, my face doesn`t completely feel moisturized or freshly hydrated. When I smiled I could feel my face was still dry which was disappointing because I would like to have a simple product that makes me feel like I just got out from getting a facial. Going further, I do not wear makeup at all so I wouldn`t be able to give you my opinion on that. However, I did go through some reviews on the product and most of the lovely ladies out there did say that the wipes did the job. One thing that I did notice and I do agree with this, is that the wipes do irritate your eyes which really sucks because we all love and appreciate a product that will cleanse and/or remove your make-up without your eyes being on fire. On that note, I did find the wipes for make-up removing only and they claim to be safe around the eyes (you can find them here:

Going further on the wipes, their texture is not bad, not rough, but Id appreciate a wet towelette. These seem more on the dry side. Other than that, the price was fair, they only cost me $1.19.

Overall, they are not the worst wipes I`ve ever used, but I can loudly say I`ve had better Ya dig? :)

So, I will finish using these because I did pay money for them, but I will not be purchasing them again They did well, Im just disappointed at the fact that my face doesn`t feel completely moisturized and that it irritated my eyes.

Are you willing to try this product? Leave your comments below.

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