Stride Sour Patch Kids Red Berry Gum

3 years ago

Checking out at a local grocery store, I had to do a triple take. I saw the classic sour patch kid on a package but before me was gum, thats when I noticed it was Stride Sour Patch Kids Red Berry Gum. GUM!? I grabbed a pack and put it on the conveyer belt I was sold on the packagings claim alone.

It wasnt until I opened the package that I was immediately sold on the product itself. Unwrapping the plastic wrapping I was awarded instantly with that classic sweet berry red sour patch kid scent. It smells JUST LIKE Sour Patch Kids, which was mind blowing. Popping it in my mouth I have to say, it tastes JUST LIKE Sour Patch Kids! Its sour yet sweet. It did make my face pucker momentarily as is the case when anything sour hits my taste buds. The sourness dissipates quickly and hats when the red berry flavor is at the forefront. While simply just chewing the gum the berry flavor is noticeable, but when going to blow a bubble your taste buds are awarded with that tangy sour flavor. The overall flavor of the gum lasts about 10 minutes and after that it tastes like a very mild, mild berry flavor. Nonetheless totally worth it for the guilt free Sour Patch Kid experience.

As wit all sugar free gums, each piece of gum is less than 5 calories and is 0 points plus values.

Have you spotted and/or tried the Stride Sour Patch Kids Red Berry gum?

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