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4 years ago

If you`ve ever googled how to stretch TOMS, you`ll see posts that say, just walk around in them, they`ll eventually stretch. To that I say, no duh! If I wanted to stretch the shoes that way, why would I bother googling it? Anyways, this is how I stretch my TOMS and its the best way I found to stretch them. It also doesn`t require you to walk around all day uncomfortably in shoes that are a little too tight. This also works for stretching other articles of clothing.

So first, get your TOMS that are feeling a little too snug for comfort. Put on socks and soak the shoes with water. Then, wear the around the house for a while. The thicker the socks, the more you`ll stretch it, but also the harder to put on the shoe. Lets say the shoes not completely dry yet and you can`t stand walking around in these shoes still. Get some scrap fabric, maybe an old tshirt, and then stuff it into the shoes. Let it dry over night and when you wake up, you`ll have comfortable shoes stretched to perfection. This also works for heels, just don`t wet it. I have feet that are a little wider than normal and sometimes heels just don`t fit perfectly. So, I stuff scrap fabric, even paper or pages out of magazines that you`re not reading anymore. The thing with heels is, it will take longer for the stretching process to happen, especially leathery materials. I have never understood the water packs and freezer process because the cold usually makes things contract or shrink, not expand so. Try this if you don`t feel like putting shoes in your fridge.

Do any of you guys have any methods or ways to stretch shoes that are a bit too snug?

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