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How much of it is down to our old enemy, stress? Probably a goodly portion as stress is now known to degrade the body in many ways, including the destruction of old ells and the inhibition of the production of new cells. In other words, stress is responsible for premature aging. We know this is true and medical experts are agreeing on this point more than others. Of course a healthy diet and keeping weight under control helps enormously because a lot of the modern diet made up of processed foods contains a lot of additives that combined could be slowly poisoning our systems.

Avoiding eating the wrong foods is every bit as important as eating the right ones. So you also have to eat right to feel right, but there is of course more to it than that.

A negative mental attitude is also known to further degrade the body and inhibit the immune system. Anger, guilt and frustration are probably the three most powerful of the negative emotions and when these are running freely in our minds, we are literally self-destructing! And the saddest part of it all is that we are the only ones who suffer from our own guilt, anger and frustration. No one else does, unless they are in close proximity to us.

So the obvious way forward if you want to live a long, healthy and happy life at least a big part of it is to avoid stressful situations, or if you do encounter them, then deal with them by remaining calm and unruffled. Then cultivate a positive mental attitude where negative emotions are banished from and having a firm belief in yourself to be able to overcome anything that life thorws in your path. You do that by constantly thinking of good things, happy events, looking forward to great things and smiling, laughing and seeking out as many instances as possible that make you feel happy.

It may not be scientific, but its better than the unhappy alternative!

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