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The products I have used to strengthen nails are Mavala Mavala Scientifique and Mavaderma.
Before using these products i only was using nail hardener of Dikla and i liked him very much. He left me pretty strong nails. Unfortunately i had the idea of filing the nails and not just over the tip of the nail. When filing over the nails they were super thin and with white spots.
I did not know that you can not filing her nails over because it causes trauma to the nail. I just knew that once I have done. This done I started researching products that help in the recovery of the nails.
The Mavala Scientifique is a liquid that is placed in the nail clean and free of lacquer. This liquid is absorbed incredibly fast and only puts at the tip of the nail. Counsel before using moisturizing the nails and by around the same. This is because the liquid contains a small amount of formaldaĆ­do and in contact with the skin, it gets dry.
This product only puts 2 times a week and when you`re nails were hard as you want switch to using only 2 times per month.
The Mavala Mavaderma is a product that is placed once per day. Is placed over the cuticle and massages up until the product is absorbed. I place only at night because that`s when the nails regenerate.
And these are the products I`m using right now.
Has anyone used these products? What did you think?
The photos are not mine.

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