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4 years ago

Awhile back, I posted about plank work helping to tone abs better than crunches.

There is an intermediate follow-up move called the side plank that is very useful for toning the arms and abs. For the most part, you need a lot of balance as you would be working off of one hand and one foot.

You start with the regular high plant position with your hands on the floor, shoulder-width apart, your legs extended back and your knees up. Your bum should be down.

1. Slowly rotate your body to the left looking straight across.
2. Lift your left arm up over your head. Your arms should form one straight line up.
3. Your right leg should be on top of your left leg and not touching the ground.
4. Hold for 5 seconds.
5. Release and go back to front high plank.
6. Repeat on the right side.
7. Do this for 10 repetitions, one side being one rep.

This is an amazing balance exercise that really helps to work your obliques and arms.

The only drawback is that you need balance and doing it slowly really helps. DO NOT RUSH this move as you may fall and injure yourself.

As it does take a lot of strength, you may notice you won`t get it right the first time or finish all 10 reps. That`s fine, you work your way up.

The key is working it slowly but consistently.

Many people may also notice that one side is stronger than the other. This is normal as it depends on which side of your body you put the most weight on. Most likely, its your dominant arm.

Hope that helps!

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