Street Signs into Solar Charging Stations?

<em>If you have an iPhone or some sort of smart phone then perhaps you`ll notice your battery doesn`t last long. Or well mine doesn`t.. after playing some games, listening to music, on the phone -- I sometimes barely make through the day without my battery dying on me. </em>

If you`re someone who uses public transportation to work, school, going out to the mall/groceries.. sometimes you`re early and you have to wait.. so in the mean time wouldn`t it be nice if those stop signs/signs were handy and could be a charger for our devices?

It would be a good idea to use the solar however I could see a HUGE PROBLEM, which are thieves. They know what gadget/devices you have and it`d make stealing or robbing you even easier so it`s not safe.

I could see this more beside benches on a College campus. Yes, there are thieves too but it would perhaps be less since everyone are students and there are A LOT of people walking/witnesses.

<strong>Do you think in the future, we are able to charge our devices on the go while waiting at a bus stop or some sort? </strong> As of right now, probably not but in the future - I can see this happening but probably the future way of charging will be wireless somehow? Who knows!

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