Strawberry Sparkling Water amp Lime Sparkling Water

4 years ago

That`s what they serve at the McDonald`s and Pizza Hut in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Depending on what season you go, the fast food restaurants there have seasonal food and drink items. This was from January and they were serving strawberry and lime sparkling water. It costs about $1 USD a cup which is very cheap considering how much it`ll cost here at the local coffee shop.

In Shanghai, they serve these sparkling waters with a wallop of vanilla ice cream during summers.

We went to Pizza Hut and we ordered this as it came with our meals. And I found these to be perfect for me, it wasn`t overly sweet but you could not taste the bitter aftertaste from the sparkling water.

I actually like looking at it more than drinking it though because they look like really cool lights to me =)

Overall, I do miss Hong Kong a bit, the food there was amazing, the skin care and makeup is cheap, and that`s about it.

I wish we had this at our local Pizza Huts and McDonalds T_T.

*photo is mine*


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