Strawberry shortcake birthday cake!

4 years ago

Hello my lovely fellows... its been so long, i know...i know. lol dont worry, i`ve missed you all too. =) anyway, i`m back to post about my big girl`s birthday. My 1st baby just turned 4 on December 1. Sadly the weather wasn`t all that great so we had to stay in otherwise we`d probably had gone out. She wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese, we had our coupons printed out, all ready to go, but the darn storm had to ruined it. we were all bummed out, but we promise we`d make it up to her another sunny day. =) She agreed, such a good girl. anyway, as soon as i got off work, i took a trip to walmart to get her a cake. she had ask for a fairies cake, but they had none and since it was toward the end of the day, they weren`t making any more cakes to put out. so, i had to go for the strawberry shortcake and i`m glad i did. OMG, just look at that cake, its so darn cute right?! i havent seen such a cute cake for a long time. i love everything about it and it was only $15. plus, its only whipped. i cant stand icings because they are way too sweet and i can never swallow that down my throat, makes me feel like i`ma gag. lol anyway, when i got home, oh the look on her face was priceless. the joy in her eyes, her huge smile fill with excitement as we start to sing happy birthday, made me so happy and thankful for a healthy beautiful girl. =) im so blessed to have had 4 wonderful years watching her grow and learn and looking forward to many more years to come. =) Mommy, Daddy, and Ali loves you AVA!

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