Strawberry Pocky

5 years ago

I have tried chocolate Pocky and enjoyed it and since I like some of the other Asian snacks out there that are strawberry flavored I decided to give Strawberry Pocky a run. I`m glad I did because I can say hands down this is my favorite Pocky flavor!

What is Pocky? Pocky is an Japanese snack, which are long crunchy/hard biscuit sticks in a box, where the outside is covered in a hardened flavored cream (strawberry or chocolate) on the outside. You could call it a Japanese version of the chocolate covered pretzel, just with half the fat and calories and no added salt. The biscuits are very mild in flavor and the cream on the outside is mildly sweet.

I love them because they are fun to munch on and they taste really good. The only downside (if it even is one) is they are terribly addicting and it`s hard to not eat the entire package by yourself!

<em>Have you tried Pocky before? If so what is your favorite flavor?</em>

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