Strawberry Farm Hauling!

4 years ago

Recently I went on holidays and stayed at a friends place in Queensland, Australia! They live in my dream town, not even joking. It`s a bit of a ride to big shopping centres and such, because it is an Island, but it is well populated and has things to do!

So on the highway, there is a Strawberry farm. And I had seen pictures as they had gone the previous year, and while my family was up it was strawberry season!

We got two baskets, (Around $25 dollars each total at the end) and shared it between like 8-10 of us?

<em> It was so amazing! They said to not eat any, but because we payed so much for one basket by itself, we managed to sneak a couple in our mouths! And they tasted amazing! Some of the best ever!</em>

At the very end, while leaving my sister found a monster one! It had like five strawberries all grown together!

And while we were paying I bought a chocolate dipped strawberry for Me, my sister and my friend! Also the mum of the family we stayed with bought white chocolate, and normal chocolate dippings!

And that night is how we ate some of them! (Considering there were around 15 or more people staying in the house it went pretty quickly!) But they were amazing! If i move up there, I seriously would live on that farm hahah!

<em> Have you ever gone strawberry picking? Or any fruit in fact?</em>

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