Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream, yummm!

While out for dessert, I decided to settle with a strawberry cheesecake ice cream but while I was eating the ice cream I thought to myself, why not just buy a strawberry cheese cake instead right? The ice cream tasted like strawberry cheesecake just smashed together like what babies would eat, lol.

What`s the difference?
If you were to make the cheesecake it would contain a little more ingredients (both ingredients to make the ice cream/cheesecake are about the same)
If you`re buying the ice cream it`s more cheaper than buying a strawberry cheesecake. Plus if you were to eat ice cream, it would last longer in the freezer whereas if you were to bake a cheesecake you would have to finish it within the week.
Ice cream is more portable (put it in a cone and off you go) whereas the cheesecake you have to eat it on a plate and can`t hold it... lol
Anymore reasons between the two to add on the list? =)

Either way, I enjoyed the ice cream just had a lot of questions in my head while eating it, lol.

<Strong>So out of the two, either making or buying what do you prefer: Strawberry Ice Cream or Strawberry Cheesecake?</strong>

Want to learn how to make strawberry cheesecake ice cream?


Strawberry cheese cake?

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