Strawberry And Kiwi Frappe!

5 years ago

Hey everyone. So i really wanted to find a good recipe for making a really good and healthy drink. Maybe a MILKSHAKR OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT! So, while i was surfing through the internet i saw this picture of such a yummy drink.. as you can see. Its so cute! And i totally love how its so dhamn easy to make this. So.. if you want to make this.. carry on reading! :)

What you will need:
3 Strawberries
1 Kiwi
Sugar (adjust to your own taste)
IceCubes.. :)

- So.. what you want to do is basically wash the strawberries and the kiwi really good. Then cut it into pieces.. A few will be just enough. Put it into the BLENDER! add the sugar and the icecubes. Make sure that you blend at a very high speed. We dont want to melt the ice.. we just want to turn into smaller pieces.
- You can defo add some water. but i probably wouldnt .. as you just want the water from the ice to kind of mix everything together. If you wanted to add water. Make sure you add only a tiny bit and also make sure that they water is VERY COLD! :)
- And well thats about it :)
- let me know if you like this recipe :)

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