Strawberry amp Blueberry Slushies

3 years ago

Hey everyone! My family went out during the day to spend some family time together. Usually whenever we go out all together, we are doing grocery shopping. That is what my mom wanted us to do that day as well. LOL Luckily for my brother and I, my mom went to a different grocery store. This grocery store is one that we hardly ever shop at because their prices tend to be a bit higher than the usual stores that we like. But the reason why it was lucky for my brother and I was because this place has a Boba Corner. Personally I don`t like Boba Corner (well this certain one) because the employees are just rude. The only time where I end up buying anything from them is when I am freaking thirsty but other than that, I would walk right past them. Since my brother wanted a slushy, I couldn`t help it. I ordered one for myself as well. I got the Strawberry Slushy and my brother ordered the Blueberry slushy. I told my brother not to order the blueberry one because I knew that he wouldn`t like it but he didn`t listen. Lets just say that I was right and he should`ve listened. LOL
QUESTIONS: Have you been to a Boba Corner?
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