Strawberries amp Champagne Lotion from Victoria`s Secret!

5 years ago

I`ve been trying to use up a lot of products that I have lying around, so I decided to try and use up this Strawberries and Champagne lotion from Victoria`s Secret! I`ve actually had this for a while (as you can tell by the bottle - they don`t make them like that anymore, lol!). My friend gave me a set with the body spray for Christmas one year and I really loved it! Somehow, though, it ended up at the back of my product stockpile. So I figured that with spring and warm weather on it`s way, bringing this lotion out would be perfect :)

I`m surprisingly not a fan of manufactured strawberry scents, even though strawberries are one of my favorite fruits. I just always feel that manufactured strawberry scents are so fake and whatnot, but this lotion is amazing! It definitely gets the strawberry and champagne parts perfectly :) It has just the right amount of that traditional champagne fragrance (hard to explain unless you`ve had champagne before, lol. It`s like... bubbly, but also "dusty" if that makes sense. Just have a glass - you`ll know exactly what I`m talking about! lol) and the perfect amount of strawberry scent. It`s so luxurious!

The lotion itself has a pretty nice texture. I won`t say it`s the best, but it`s pretty good. It sinks into my skin well and doesn`t leave it feeling super oily or anything. The scent of it also lingers for awhile which is nice. I have the body spray, too, and together the lotion and spray are really great!

Victoria`s Secret actually still sells this! The packaging is obviously different but they`re surprisingly kept it as one of their scents in their VS Fantasies collection. So check out their website or visit a store to check it out. I don`t always recommend checking out a certain lotion in particular, but this one is quite nice and definitely worth it! :)

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