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I love how my hair looks straight but I hate killing it with the flat iron. I went to YouTube and searched the Internet but this is by far the best technique I`ve seen/used. It`s a wrapping technique; this is called the Cross Wrap. This gives your hair a natural straight look and it will be SOOOOO soft! It`s popular among African American women with relaxed hair. I`m white and this worked on my hair. You can use damp hair, wet hair or dry. Dry works best for me, experiment with all 3 to figure out what works for your hair! P.S; the tighter you comb your hair to your head the straighter it will be. Keep that in mind!!

You will need;
Wave Brush (optional)
Leave-in Conditioner
Hair Oil (I use Argan)

1.) Wash your hair if you`re using wet hair. Spray with water if you`re using damp hair. Or dry or air dry your hair.
2.) Comb through.
3. Add leave-in conditioner & oil to your ends.
4.) Part your hair, take into two sections.
5.) Cross these sections,left under right. So now your hair is crossed, left section is on the bottom and right on the top. Let the top section go or secure it away with a clip.
6.) Start tightly combing the hair to the head then securing with bobby pins every half inch as you wrap your hair around the head. A wave brush works best to tighten the hair.
7.) Now take the top section and repeat, wrapping on the other side.
8.) Go to bed.
9.) Take out the bobby pins then comb/brush through.


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