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Hi guys :)
It`s been such a long time since I`ve last uploaded on luuux. With the site changes, end of Junior Year and so many other complications I just have`t gotten the chance. Now I`m back, and I`ll try to be better at uploading. I must say, this would be so much easier with an app. Nevertheless, its my responsibility to post for you guys regardless of the factors and limitations. Today, I`m here to talk about storenvy. It`s been around for a few years, but it`s still relatively new and unknown in the online shopping platforms market. It`s such a great site, that I`m surprised so few people know about it. While they do not have forums which can be extremely handy and provide for a sense of community, all other aspects make up for it. And! There is a handy facebook group which I`ve recently requested to join, I can comment below how it is once I am accepted. Storenvy allows users to customize their own storefronts. There are so many features that make the site seems more like a real store than all others. You have stock and inventory alerts, there is actually a sold out sign on items which have run out of stock which i find is a great feature because as a buyer, it can be extremely frustrating to fall in love with an item only to find out that it is not available. There are no fees, and you can sell through paypal which is extremely convenient. The most intriguing aspect of this site, is it`s connection to social media platforms galore. There are pre-installed links to many platforms; pinterest, facebook and twitter included, which buyers can share you items through. There`s even an option for the storeowner to connect your storenvy profile to a free facebook store on your own page with no cost to you. If you want further features you can pay a small fee for them (i.e. custom domain name, discounts, etc.) Lastly, for the interested consumer, you can purchase from all different sellers in one checkout. ONE CHECKOUT! How awesome is that? Its overall a great site which I encourage you all to check out.
Before I say so long, what would this article be without a bit of self promotion? lol.
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If you have any further questions, leave them below and I`ll gladly respond. :)
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