Store Bought Apple Pie?

4 years ago

Hey all, last fall I did a post about how much I love apple pie. Well the other my family went over to my grandparents and the had a store bought apple pie. Now from the picture above, it actually looks pretty good I think.

But I was open minded and decided to try a slice. Now if you are like me and prefer homemade pies, cookies, etc. Then you know how store bought goodies can taste. It`s just not the same you know?

Now the apples, the glaze were not all that bad, alittle too soft but decent. But the crust, that it is another story, I am mainly talking about the end crust on the edge, it was so dry, flakey, and just overall gross. It was almost like it was overcooked at the one section.

Maybe you would like that and more power to you, but I think I am going to just stick with homemade things. Overall other than that crust part it was a decent pie. I probably would not purchase it myself.

So what are your thoughts, do you like store bought pies or are you like me and prefer homemade ones? Let me know below!


*picture belongs to me.

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