Storage Solutions for Shoppaholics.

4 years ago

It doesnt matter how much space you have in your home, chances are that when it comes to clothes storage, you will find yourself wondering just how you managed to accumulate so much! Shoppaholics around the world have found ingenious ways to store their latest purchases, utilising drawers, airing cupboards and most famously, ovens to store sweaters thanks to the influence of the Queen of the shoppers, Carrie Bradshaw. If you are quickly running out of space and have no plans to cut back your clothes shopping, here are just a few ideas for making the most of what you already have and freeing up some much needed storage space in your home. Double Hangers If you have tall wardrobes why not install another clothing rail underneath the one that is already there? These will literally double the capacity of your wardrobe and make things easier to find. Obviously you are restricted by the length of clothes that can now fit in your wardrobe space however if you can move long dresses and skirts to another storage space you can hold all of your tops and trousers on these double hanging rails. Clothing Rail A a great choice for those with little space for a large wardrobe, especially if you opt for a mobile one. These rails are typically adjustable so you can use them to hang long dresses, shirts or others clothing that you want to keep out of a cramped wardrobe. You can purchase these rails in a variety of colours and sizes, ensuring that you can find the perfect match for your tastes. Shelf Dividers Shelf dividers are ideal for helping organise an otherwise limited shelf space. If you are sick of looking at cluttered shelves, a simple divider can help keep folded clothes within the confines of a specific area, making it easier for you to be neater and giving your space a more organised look. Dividers can be as simple as a piece of wood placed in the middle, just so long as it is secure enough to keep everything in place. fashion

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