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I was rambling around some websites and I found this list about 10 Tech myhs that usually make us look like dumb*sses and loose time.
I admit... i`m didn`t know most of thing untill i read this article...
so i`m going to sumarize it and if you wanna know more about this just click on the source link.
I bet you will laugh a lot... ;)

#10. When you think that better hardware specs means better gadgets.

#9. Lossless Music Sounds Better than MP3
(as if your hear could distinguish the different

#8. Android Task Killers Are Necessary for Good Performance
(another Android craziness...)

#7. Jailbreaking Your Phone Is Illegal
(it violates your warranty... nothing else people!)

#6. Mac Users Don`t Need to Worry About Malware
(oh boy... if I had a nickle for everytime a Mac Lover said this to me...)

#5. You Should Buy an Extended Warranty for New Gadgets
(as 9gaggers usually say: "b*tch please...")

#4. You Should Fully Discharge Your Laptop Battery Every Time
(ok... for maybe 4-5 months I did this to my laptop lol)

#3. Password-Protected Wi-Fi Networks Are Safe from Hackers
(LOL! just LOL!!)

#2. PeerBlock will Keep You Safe and Anonymous on BitTorrent
(i prefer another instrument than i don`t know this thing)

#1. [Insert Tweak Here] Will Speed Up Your Computer
(tons of baloney for a speed boost! yey! omg... how many of you tried this.... please tell me!!! lololol)


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